I am going to tell you how to put videos on your wiki:

Get 3 tabs going: one with Youtube, one with your wiki, and the other with mine so you can come back to find out what to do next.
1. You Go to Youtube.com.

2. Find the video you want to put on your wiki.

3. If you scroll down a bit you will see a sign saying Share. Click that.

4. Then there should be a sign saying Embed. Click that.

5. Then control C ( copy ) the little stuff under the word EMBED.

6. Go to your wiki.

7. Click Widget.

8. On the bar on the left you will find a tab called VIDEOS. Click that.

9. Select Youtube.

10. Paste ( Control V) in the little box.

11. Then hit save in that box.

12. Hit save on the wiki page.


Any questions on uploading the videos to your wiki, email me at wikispaces at isobelcres.