How To Start a Garden Inside
10 easy steps!!!
1. Go to the sore and get dixie cups, seeds and potting soil (a small bag of potting soil you won't use a ton of it).
2. Get some old brownie pans, check with your parents in case they still use the brownie pan.
Tip: it's best to start the project outside, then when it is done move it inside.
4. Put 2 paper towels down per brownie pan.
5. Label the dixie cups with the type of flower you are planting.
6. Poke small holes in the cups. Use a pencil and do about 3.
7. Scoop the potting soil in the cups, fill the cups up until they are almost full, about 3/4s of the dixie cup.
8. Take an old pencil and make a hole in the soil then drop the seed into the hole. For most seeds only put 2 seeds in a cup, but for bigger seeds like sunflower seeds only one per cup.
9. When you water your plants you don't want them to drown but you want them to have enough water to survive. Use an old windex bottle to water the plants. Make sure you wash out the bottle before you water the plants. You also want to take a measuring a wet the paper towels every time you water the plant, the plants will soak up the water through the holes.
10. When the plants are ready to go outside, find a place in your garden to plant them, you could also put them in pots.
Tip: Spread the plants out so you can get to the paper towel.

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