This is how you add A Virtual Pet!

1. Make 3 tabs, two with my wiki because one will turn into a different page, and one with your wiki.

2. On my wiki go to the virtual pet page and on one of the animals click "adopt your own virtual pet".

3. Pick your pet you want to add. You do not want to pick the sloth because he does NOTHING.

4. Name your pet, put your name in the second box, then customize your color of your animal if you wish.

5. Click next.

6. On the side bar click "other website".

7. Copy the HTML, the stuff in box. Go back to YOUR WIKI.

8. On your new wiki page, click "widget" at the top of the page.

9. Then a little window will pop up.On that side bar click "other HTML".

10. Then click in that box and hit control v (paste).

11. After that click save and play with your virtual pet!!!!!!!!