Once at dinner we were wondering what the difference dinner between supper and dinner is. So we went on the computer and we looked it up on something called differencebetween.net I think. Well, anyway, here is what it means:
In the USA we eat Dinner between 2:00pm and 5:00. Supper is between 7:00pm and 11:00pm. For me if you are driving from Virginia to Florida in one day supper can go to 12:00pm.
In Australia Dinner is most of the time the main meal and supper is a snack or some food, what some US citizens would call a late night snack.
In Israel school children go to school with 2 meals. At maybe 10 they will eat there lunch then maybe at 1 or 2 they would have dinner. In the US we would call that 2 lunches or 2 snack periods.

1. Dinner is eaten earlier
2. Supper is eaten later
3. That means supper is most likely a meal after dark.

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I am going to take a poll about what you call it at home. Write what you call it, your name and where you are from. If you are unable to answer this question since you are not a member of my wiki, friend me at Isobelcres! In March I will make a graph about what people call it.

Both supper and dinner> Isobelcres
Dinner(Kyra) :D
Dinner>Stephanie :^D
dad calls it supper SOMETIMES, mom calls it dinner, so both sort of>Julianne
You mean I have to choose between mealtimes and what I like better?! Which ever one has the most food eaten at. >Claire. No at home, what do you call the 3rd meal of the day do you call it dinner or supper