What's your favorite color?
Blue, Isobel (or green)
(Orange, Abby)
(Red, Claire)
Blue, Julianne
red ian
purple ,pink ,blue ,green(Kyra) :D
light blue-Sylvia
Blue, Katie
Purple, Stephanie
Purple - Crummie
What is your favorite food?
calamari, Isobel
(Soft Tacos, Abby)
(Pizza, Claire)
Salmon, Julianne
ramen soup
calimari(Kyra) :D
Bacon is one - I have so many - Crummie
I guess Tacos or pizza, Katie
Mac and Cheese, Stephanie

Whats your favorite book?

(The Goblet Of Fire,Abby)
(Dragon Rider, Claire)
Julia Gillian and the Art of Knowing, Julianne
artemis fowl ian
The Dog Days of Charlote Hayes(Kyra) :D
Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, Stephanie
The Color Purple - Crummie
The Evolution of Calpurnia Tate-Sylvia
What's your favorite movie?
Hugo and Dolphin Tale, Isobel
(The Labrinth,Abby)
(How to train your Dragon, Claire)
Dolphin Tale, Stephanie
The Harry potter Saga (all the harry potter movies), julianne
??????? ian
So many(Kyra) :D
Toy Story - Crummie
I don't know, Katie
What's your favorite sport?
Field Hockey, running, and dance, Isobel
(soccer, Abby)
(Soccer, Claire
Swimming, Julianne
soccer ian
SOCCER!!! Katie
Soccer, Stephanie
soccer(Kyra) :D
Running - Crummie
What is your favorite animal?
Isobel, Dolphin
(Cow, Claire)
dog, Julianne
reptiles (all) ian
Elephant, Stephanie
Dogs and cats(Kyra) :D
Dogs and cats - Crummie
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I have so many!:), Katie
What is your favorite baseball team?
Washington Nashonals, Julianne
Pittsburgh Pirates, Stephanie
Pittsburgh Pirates(Kyra) :D
Red Sox, iSOBEL
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Atlanta Braves -Crummie

What is your favorite football team?
Giants, Julianne
Patriots, Isobel
Pittsburgh Steelers, Stephanie
Pittsburgh Steelers( Kyra) :D

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Baltimore Ravens - Crummie

What is your favorite basketball team?
Globetrotters, Julianne
Celtics, Isobel

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What is your favorite hockey team?
New Jersey Devils, julianne
Boston Bruins, Isobel

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Where do you live?
Va, Julianne
Isobel, VA
(Crozet VA, Claire)
V.A ian
Charlottesville, VA, Stephanie
Crozet, VA(Kyra) :D
external image images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQVEIYZD6Yi47yzDJ6aGk6h71T5m2O4BLWt7KUWzARl0DOKplPe
Charlottesville, VA - Crummie
How old are You?
10, isobel
10 ian
9, Stephanie
9(Kyra) :D
10 Katie

Feel free to answer these.

You can see I love Boston sports, Isobel